• The Garcia Team

Renting Vs Owning a Home


Soaring rental increases: unpredictable rent spikes will leave you with unforeseen expenses and less money at the end of the month

Pesky Landlords: Living in someone else’s property comes with rules and strings attached, especially if you have an unpleasant relationship with your landlord

Paying someone else’s mortgage: Why pay your landlords mortgage year after year? When you can pay your own mortgage and have tax benefits. Stop throwing your money down the drain!!

No tax benefits or property value appreciation: When you rent the money you pay has no tax write off benefits. The rent you pay doesn’t gain equity! The house you own will gain equity…


Low monthly payments and low fixed interest loan: Unlike rent, a mortgage mean low and stable monthly payments. Never fear increasing rental rates again!!

Place your rules: Live independently in a new beautiful home. No more unannounced visits from your landlord, untimely repairs. It’s time to upgrade to privacy and ownership of your own space.

Pay yourself-Gain equity each month: Enjoy tax savings and increasing your personal equity with this investment, one that is sure to pay off!

Your own personal bank account: You home will become your personal bank account. The equity will continuously build throughout the years. Your initial investment (down payment) will grow faster than a personal bank account. Home ownership is a long term investment that will surely pay off!!