• The Garcia Team

Our Buyer Consultation and What is Reviewed

We review the entire purchase contract step by step. It is important that all our buyers understand what they are about to sign.

2. Will go over Escrow and the role they play during the transaction

3. We go over your earnest money deposit that is submitted with your purchase offer and what happens to that money once you open escrow

4. We go over your down payment and what that amount would be based on your purchase price. 5. When is the down payment sent to escrow?

6. We will review the best ways to submit an offer so that the offer gets accepted by the seller.

The importance of writing a hand written letter from you to the home seller, we will include with your letter a picture of you and the family

7. We will go over the home inspection process and what repairs are important to request from the seller during our escrow period

8. We go over the termite inspection process and the different type of repairs we can request as a buyer

9. Important for us to review and follow the purchase contract time frames. The entire purchase contract is based on different time frames which dictate removal of contingencies.

10. We will review the purchase contract contingencies and the importance of not removing contingencies until you the buyer are fully satisfied with the house and the condition of the home

11. We go over local market statistics, economic, prices and trends

12. The loan process and coordinating with your lender and escrow so that we can close the transaction

13. Things to prepare for when closing the purchase and getting ready to move into your new house. Transferring your name to the gas company, the cable company, Edison, etc.

Overall, we find it imperative for our clients to meet with us for the buyer consultation. This prepares our buyer(s) in making an intelligent decision when they are ready to submit an offer.